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Rules of play

  • Children MUST be accompanied by an adult during the play session.
  • Shoes and coats must be stored in the hallway adjacent to the playroom and collected after the session ends.
  • NO FOOD or DRINK should be taken into the playroom. You are more than welcome to purchase food and drink in the café area before, during or after your session and keep an eye on your children through the windows.
  • Ensure that all nappy and sanitary waste is bagged and put in the bins provided. Please do not put nappies into the sanitary bins.
  • Please encourage your children to play with the equipment in a respectful manner to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged so that others can enjoy it after you.
  • Encourage children to return items to their correct locations after playing with them so that other children know where to get them from. (Also, the eggs get scared in the noisy garage!)
  • 10 minutes prior to your session ending we will play the ‘Clean Up’ song and actively encourage you to put a few items back for us in the correct locations, to ensure that the next session runs as smoothly and is as magical as yours!
  • Tell your friends about us, leave us a review and share your pictures with us (must have consent from other parents) via our Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter pages!